Sirolaser (Sirona)

As with any specific type of laser, Sirolaser is a soft tissue laser with a specific target absorption at a wavelength of 980nm utilized to remove, reshape and recontour gingival tissue to obtain unimpeded margination, ideal gingival zeniths in the smile zone and for numerous other intra-oral soft tissue applications with minimal to no collateral tissue damage and discomfort.

Cerec (Sirona)

Abbreviation for "chair-side economical restorations of esthetic ceramics". It utilizes CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer assisted manufacturing) technology to design and manufacture a porcelain restoration chair-side following 3D-imaging of the tooth to be restored. This technology allows clinicians and patients to complete simple restorative treatments requiring porcelain restorations in a single visit compared to a traditional two-visit appointments required for porcelain restorations.

Programat (Ivoclar Vivadent)

It is a porcelain furnace traditionally utilized in dental laboratory to fabricate dental restorations. It is however becoming more commonly used in dental clinic settings because it allows the clinician to fine tune and integrate nuances of dental morphology and color to obtain highly esthetic results while the patient is present at the clinic.

Wand (Compudent)

A computer controlled anesthetic delivery system which allows constant delivery of anesthetic solution in a controlled manner so that discomfort due to pressure gradient from injection is minimized.

Easyshade (Vita)

An electronic shading system that allows objective measurement of colors within the tooth and thereby eliminating individual subjectivity and variability during color matching of a selected tooth.

Zoom (Discus Dental)

An in-office light activated tooth whitening system which has been shown to increase the efficiency of tooth whitening. Over the years, many over the counter tooth whitening systems have become available, and some have been shown to be effective. However, these systems are not individualized and are not well controlled and therefore they have a greater tendency to cause inadvertent gingival irritation and uneven tooth whitening.

Invisalign (Align Technology)

Also called metal-free braces, it is a technology utilizing set of clear aligners (clear rigid individualized trays) to move teeth in a desired direction to accomplish proper alignment of upper and lower teeth, which maximizes function and esthetics and minimizes premature wear and chipping of teeth from poor alignment. The advantages of aligners are that they are invisible once worn and oral hygiene is no longer an issue since aligners can be removed for routine brushing and flossing, unlike traditional metal braces which not only is unsightly in adults but maintaining good oral hygiene can be a challenge.

Digital Photography (Nikon)

Quality intro-oral photographs are utilized to increase awareness and to educate oral mucosal and dentitional conditions of each individual patient. In addition, taking quality photographs is no longer just for documentation but it is a necessary tool for sharing detailed information of the case among treatment team members and also for reassessing and reevaluating treatment outcomes.

Dental loupes with Zeon light source (Orascopic)

The use of light and magnification is invaluable in the practice of dentistry. Obviously, treatment outcome can most certainly be affected by one's ability to see. Therefore, the use of magnification in the treatment site along with a light source has tremendously improves the clinicians' ability to observe and thereby increases the efficiency and efficacy of the treatment.

Isolite (Isolite Systems)

Modern restorative procedures for bonded restorations, unlike amalgam restorations, require that the treatment site or area be absolutely clean and devoid of any moisture and other contaminants. Basically, it is essential that the treatment site be completely isolated from the untreated area in order to obtain consistent and predictable treatment outcomes. Isolite system allows clinicians to achieve just that, in addition to its added benefits of improve visibility through its internal LED light source.