Endodontal Therapy

Root canal therapy may be necessary in the last effort to salvage the infected tooth from caries, fractures, and trauma. Even though there are similarities in the root canal system in each type of tooth (i.e. incisors, bicuspids, molars), no two teeth have the exact same root canal system.

For simplification, most incisors have single root system, whereas most molars have multiple root system. Root canal therapy involves complete removal of infected tissue form each root canal system followed by stabilization with an inert base material, which is usually seen as white or radio-opaque on radiograph. The following before and after radiographs show the complexity of each root canal system.

Root Canal Treatment

This tooth is now ready for lingual build-up with composite.

This tooth is ready for occlusal build-up or a new bridge to regain strength and function.

This tooth is ready for occlusal build-up followed by onlay or a crown to regain strength and function.