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John Yaung, DMD, FAGDModern dentistry is evolving at a very fast pace and advancements in material science and technology have dramatically changed the way we practice dentistry even within the last five years. For instance, improvements in the development of computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology along with advances in composite and porcelain restorative materials have tremendously increased the precisional fit of our restorations to within microns. Furthermore, dental implants are now the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth with long-term reported success rate of greater than 98%. Current research in synthesis of natural teeth is promising, and perhaps someday we all can grow tooth as we need it, and by that time many forms of restorative and replacement therapies including implants will then become obsolete.

We hope that you find our website to be informative, educational, and useful, and we hope that you enjoy the contents within. Thank you again for visiting our website.

John Yaung, DMD, FAGD

Melissa Chen, DMD